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Ankur Renovations and Inauguration:

Ankur renovations are now complete including the new flooring, kitchen, appliances and counter tops. We will also have special handicapped parking and wheelchair entrance. This new facility was made possible with support of the community and donors and also the board of trustee funds.

We thank the Fund raising committee for all their perseverance in raising funds for renovations -- Monal Mehta, Pallavi Patel, Bharti Noticewala, and Pravin Bhutta.

The renovation committee put in long hours in planning and executing the renovations -- Kamlesh Kothari, Mayur Kadakia, Nayan Noticewala, Pravin Bhutta, Rajan Desai and Shashank Patel.

The inauguration of the new facility on August 9th  was attended by about 130 people and Ankur would like to thank everyone for their support and being present at this celebration.

We would like to thank Elements for providing us with linen, dishes and silverware.., Tandoor for Jalebi and Gathia, Bhartiben Noticewala for sponsoring the dinner, and operating committee for sponsoring alcohol and soft drinks.

Fogana Update:
Congratulation !!

Ankur Senior and Minor teams won first place in the 2014 Fogana competition recently in Detroit. Competition was tough this time and we are proud of our three teams for their hard work and perseverance.

Thanks to the choreographers: Trupti Joshi- Minor team,
                                                  Simran Jetha - Junior team
                                                  Depali Patel - Adult team

Ankur Talent show cancelled:

Please note that due to lack of desired response from the community (and only 7 entries), the August 16th talent show has been cancelled. We thank the children who sent us their entries and also apologize for the inconvenience caused and time spent in practice.

Ankur will host this talent show again as soon as possible!

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9502 Highland Avenue, Cincinnati OH 45242



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